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  • Flexible working hours
  • Annual medical check-ups
  • Preventive vaccination
  • Sports and leisure activities
  • Employee Sports Tournaments

We continuously invest in education

Investing in employee education, HT achieves its strategic objective to encourage development to full potential of each employee. Acquiring knowledge is imperative , as we are a high-tech company that monitors and creates new trends.

Our popular inhouse project "Knowledge Thursdays" ensures that employees share knowledge and experience within the company and explore areas they do not deal with directly. This may be useful in everyday work and helps understanding the functioning of the company as a whole.

We host a conferenece "Growing through Knowledge" where renowned experts and scientists share their ideas, thoughts, actions, engagement and projects contributing and helping mankind.

We reward hard work

Each HT employee carries a part of the responsibility for the prosperity of the company, as an individual and as a part of the team. Their knowledge and dedication contributes to the overall achievement of business goals.

Annual system of performance management rewards the contribution of individual employees and teams in achieving the company goals through personal goals.

We care about employees

With special emphasis on the protection of parents and children HT takes care of its employees in various ways: "The PrijaTelj" Foundation is helping employees who find themselves in difficult financial circumstances. We also encourage and reward socially responsible behavior such as voluntary blood donation.

We motivate employees

We are extremely sensitive to the needs of employees, and we value their opinions, and regularly examine employee satisfaction. The research results are used as the starting point for changes and improvements within the company. Only satisfied and motivated employees can deal with business challenges of a constant and rapid development of telecommunications technology.

We invest in pensions

To ensure better living conditions in retirement for our employees and future retirees, T_HT founded Voluntary pension fund. Using the benefits of the Fund, which include incentives granted by the employer, employees can additionally save for retirement.

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